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"Narrator Hallie Ricardo shines in this debut YA fantasy about a land torn between magic and alchemy. This Rumplestiltskin retelling with a twist follows the story of Sephia, a gifted alchemist who is forced to make a dangerous deal with a magician. She has one year to alchemically create a body for the magician, or he will take her first- born child. Sephia's transformation throughout this fantasy is made even more believable by Ricardo's character differentiation and clear vocal tones. Her narration is well developed, and she shifts easily between the complex characters and the narrative. Listeners will enjoy Ricardo's ability to maintain an engaging and smooth vocal tone throughout this novel."  -Audiofile review for The Lady Alchemist

"Ricardo presents the narrative in an American accent, transitioning easily to a variety of British voices for the many English characters. She shifts as easily between the many emotions of Makepeace, the 15-year-old heroine. Makepeace is accustomed to being ostracized and ordered about, but Ricardo allows her bright curiosity to shine amid her understandable meekness and fear. In the frightening world in which Makepeace lives, she continues to show compliance, but Ricardo projects the heroine's growing wit and will as she learns of her power to host spirits and use their fierceness to her benefit. " -AudioFile review for A Skinful of Shadows


"Narrator Morais Almeida's deft pacing brings out the drama in this romantic suspense... danger and high stakes are conveyed by Almeida's breathy, staccato delivery as Joe faces a grim outcome to his personal mission to uncover the truth behind the death of Stephanie's brother. Almeida portrays the military side of Green with a gruffness that contrasts well with the gentle, slower-paced tone the character falls into when he's with Stephanie. Similarly, Stephanie is richly portrayed with a softness that is especially loving and sweet with Joe. But Almeida also depicts Stephanie's fierceness when she finds herself in Sierra Leone, coordinating Joe's rescue. Almeida's range of modulations brings out the characters' myriad emotions... [her] crisp enunciation also sharpens the gritty urban scenes, adding to the effectiveness of this listening experience."

-Audiofile review for Last Man Standing (read as Morais Almeida)

"The narrator uses an urgently defensive and searching tone for the lead character's voice and captures subtle accent changes as well as personalities among all of the characters. Definitely one of the best narrators I've heard." -Audible listener review for Flood