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Select Audiobook Titles 2020-2024


Commercial and

P&G - Microban 24 National Radio  (iHeart Media)

Unilever - Suave Internet Radio (iHeart Media)

Multiple Courses E-Learning (Hot Shot Legal)

Ladykiller by Katherine Wood (Penguin Random House)

A Certain Kind of Starlight by Heather Webber (Macmillan Audio)

If I Was A Horse by Sophie Blackall (Library Ideas)

The Last Girl Left by A.M. Strong, Sonya Sargent (Brilliance Audio)

Curses and Other Buried Things by Caroline George (Harper Audio)

At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities by Heather Webber (Macmillan)

Lay Your Body Down by Amy Suiter Clarke (Harper Audio)

Beak and Ally: Bedtime Jitters by Norm Feuti (Library Ideas)

Beak and Ally: Unlikely Friends by Norm Feuti (Library Ideas)

Feathers Together by Caron Levis (Dreamscape)

Mermaid School: The Clamshell Show (Library Ideas)

Mermaid School by Lucy Courtenay (Library Ideas)

The Heir Apparent by Vivian Vande Velde (Harper Audio)

Sparkleton: The Glitter Parade by Calliope Glass (Library Ideas)

Sparkleton: The Magic Day by Calliope Glass (Library Ideas)

The Lights of Sugarberry Cove by Heather Webber (Macmillan)

The Hive by Melissa Scholes Young (Dreamscape)

Jubilee by Jennifer Givhan (Blackstone)

Chestnut by Jennifer Li Shotz (Harper Audio)

The Witch Next Door Books 1-8 by Michael Anderle, Martha Carr (Dreamscape)

Ivy+Bean Books 1-11 by Annie Barrows (Hachette)

South of the Buttonwood Tree by Heather Webber (Macmillan)

The Lady Alchemist by Samantha Vitale (Blackstone)

What They Don’t Know (Brilliance Audio)

Flood by Melissa Scholes Young (Hachette)

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